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Get Blue Fire Broadband The Very Best in Internet Everywhere

Blue Fire Broadband brings you the very best in wireless broadband Internet anywhere and everywhere you want to live and travel. With two distinctly different options in high speed Internet, Blue Fire Broadband is the provider that gives you choice, so that you get the kind of high speed Internet that fits your life.

BlueFire Broadband


Dial Up

You CAN Get Internet Everywhere

Blue Fire Broadband satellite Internet is the perfect choice for home or small business connectivity. You get Internet that is always on and ready, and is 6 times faster than even wireless Internet. Your satellite Internet service is always dependable and can work with multiple devices at once. With an affordable price tag, satellite Internet from Blue Fire Broadband is the choice of many homes in rural America.

Experience More with Blue Fire Broadband

Many rural residents have been stuck with dial up Internet service. Dial up severely limits what you can do with the Internet. Time consuming downloads and sites that just won't respond are compounded by connections that drop. However with Blue Fire Broadband, all those issues are a thing of the past. With high speed wireless broadband Internet you can do so much more. You have the ability to:

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