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Exede Satellite Internet Service: Connecting You To The World

Exede satellite Internet service delivers the kind of top quality Internet access that rural residents have been dreaming of for years. Its combination of speed, reliability, competitive pricing and commitment to customer service, combined with perks like late night unlimited access, means that Exede truly is the very best choice for rural high speed Internet throughout the country. You get more than you ever expected from a satellite Internet service when you choose Exede.




Dial Up

Get Award Winning Internet Service with Exede Internet Service

In its ongoing study Measuring Broadband, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deemed Exede the best Internet provider in the nation for delivering advertised speeds. The study compared all providers, including DSL and cable Internet providers. Exede outperformed them all, consistently delivering speeds 140% or more higher than its advertised speeds. This is the kind of dependability consumers want.

Exede Satellite Internet Service is Superfast

You can't really experience the Internet the way it is meant to be without adequate speed. Exede delivers superfast speeds of 12 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. These speeds are 4 times faster than DSL, which means you can do so much more in the same amount of time.

Satellite Internet That Lets You Stream Videos

The uninterrupted speed and reliability of Exede lets you stream videos for your entertainment. Great movies, TV shows and videos from sites from YouTube, Netflix and Hulu are at your fingertips anytime when you have the only satellite Internet provider to consistently deliver streaming video without interruption.

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New Exede Voice

The all new Exede Voice phone service is the latest innovation to be added to the already outstanding offerings of Exede satellite Internet service. This home phone service works via your Exede Internet service, so that you get the cost-effective Voice-over-IP or VoIP option that consumers in non-rural areas have enjoyed for years.

Free Installation

Exede proudly offers free standard installation of its services and equipment, by a certified technician. No added installation fees to get started helps you save money. Having a qualified professional take care of the installation ensures that the job is done right and done quickly.

Only Exede Internet Gives You The Exclusive Late Night Free Zone

Only Exede Internet Gives You The Exclusive Late Night Free Zone Every satellite Internet provider is required by federal law to cap data usage for users. This means that you need to monitor and even moderate how much you use the Internet or risk exceeding the data cap and having your access slowed down to the speed of dial-up. Exede Internet has the perfect solution with completely free access from midnight to 5am Daily. Even if you have exceeded your monthly data cap, you get your speed and access back nightly when demand is lower.

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